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        Print Guarantee Terms & Conditions

        Print Guarantee Terms & Conditions

        Terms and Conditions for Print

        1. The “Our Promise” guarantee is only applicable to bespokepackaging orders and not to any orders place on www.rocabapackaging.co.uk.

        2. Our “Price Beat” promise is only applicable to quotesfrom companies based in the UK and registered with Companies House in Englandand Wales or Scotland.

        3. All quotations must be provided on official letterhead orPDF, e-mails will not be accepted as valid quotations.

        4. The “Price Beat” promise is applicable to the entireorder total, inclusive of any set up charges, delivery costs, Express deliverycharges and additional costs and not on any individual element of the quote.

        5. The competing quotation must be a “like for like” specification,including the following attributes: size of products, quantity ordered,thickness of material, print method and quality, lead time and deliverylocation.

        6. Rocaba Group Limited will hold any quote for 14 days andany competing quote must be from that same time period.

        7. Our “Price Beat” promise is not valid when being comparedagainst any promotional offers, introductory offers or additional discountsbeing offered by competitors.

        8. Rocaba Group Limited reserve the right to not process anyorder or competing quote on the “Our Promise” guarantee if we feel thecompeting supplier is not reputable or the pricing is not sustainable.

        9. When placing your order, a Delivery Week will be given onyour Sales Order and this week is the one that will be applicable for thepurposes of this guarantee.

        10. If for any reason we fail to deliver the goods by theagreed delivery date, we will refund you the full cost of delivery paid. If nodelivery charge was applicable on your order, then we will process arefund toyou for £20.00 (inclusive of VAT).

        11. The there is no one at the delivery address to sign forthe goods, this does not count as a missed delivery deadline.

        12. Rocaba Group Limited may need to rearrange the deliverydate. If this is done 5 or more working days prior to the original deliveryweek, then the new agreed delivery will come into force for the purposes of theguarantee.

        13. If you are not 100% satisfied with the goods ondelivery, you are required to inform your Sales Representative in writing within5 working days of receipt of the goods.

        14. All goods must be returned IN FULL to Rocaba Group nolater than 10 working days after receipt of the goods. The goods must be in theoriginal packaging and condition as to when they were delivered and thequantity must be in full.

        15. If the goods are returned as per the conditions in point13 and 14 then Rocaba Group will process a refund within 7 working days ofapproving the return.

        16. If any of the goods are used or damaged then this willbe considered acceptance of the products.

        17. Our Terms and Conditions of Sale apply at all times andare available on request.

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