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        Kraft Paper Mailing Bags
        Kraft Paper Mailing Bags
        Kraft Paper Mailing Bags
        Kraft Paper Mailing Bags
        Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

        Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

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          Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

          Our environmentally friendly paper mailing pouches are made from 100gsm strong paper. This makes them sturdy and durable. These bags are a green alternative to traditional polythene or plastic mailers, supporting eco-conscious delivery. By choosing paper over plastic, you not only reduce waste but also show your commitment to sustainability, earning trust and loyalty to the planet. They are a great example of taking e-commerce packaging to another level.

          The opaqueness of these envelopes maintains your privacy and confidentiality. They feature convenient double self-adhesive seal strips for easy closure, eliminating the need for tape. The double seal strip also make them reusable for easy returns. These postal envelopes allow for effortless labelling with biro or markers and ensure labels, stamps, and document pouches stick on them seamlessly. How amazing is this that these bags are food safe as well.

          These lightweight bags also help in minimizing delivery expenses by allowing you to pay only for the weight of your product, rather than adding extra weight from bulky packaging to the overall parcel.

          Available in a range of different sizes to accommodate various items securely.
          Make a statement with every shipment—choose our Kraft paper mailing bags for eco-friendly packaging solutions.
          Please note that all sizes and quantities are approximate.
          Image is for illustrative purposes only. Although we do endeavour to provide samples where colour is important, selected products are not available to sample.
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          If your product is fragile, it may be best to ensure it is shielded from damage with protective packaging in addition to a paper mailing bag, or select one of our strong cardboard boxes instead.
          Most commonly used by retailers and online businesses for shipping small parcels and mail order items! 

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