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        If you run an eCommerce business or a company that actively uses postal deliveries to facilitate sales to a wider audience, wholesale mailing bags are an essential feature of your packaging arsenal. Rocaba Packaging's extensive range of mailing bags will transform your order fulfilment duties for years. We have all your mailing solutions in one place; grey mailing bags, kraft paper mailing bags and bubble envelopes. 


        The Rocaba Packaging mailing bags are suited to retailers, eCommerce businesses, and mail order companies alike. Whether you're selling a handful of items per week or hundreds of products daily, equipping yourself with the necessary packaging supplies could not be simpler. Our polythene mailing bags are available in multiple sizes, styles, and quantities. The three main categories of plastic mailing bags offered, however, are; Economy mailing bags.

        Grey plastic mailing bags deliver the most affordable solution to your packaging problems, while a wide range of sizes enable business owners to find the most appropriate items for their company requirements. With recycled materials available too, the economy wholesale mailing bags can be great news for the environment as well as your bottom line. Economy mailing bags can cost just 2p per item while Rocaba Packaging offers minimum order quantities of just 100. With the capability of ordering thousands of grey polythene mailing bags with next day delivery, they are ideal for businesses of varying sizes. Despite their affordability, the grey mailing bags are also tough and water-resistant. For a range of small-to-medium-sized products, their practical nature cannot be denied.

        Coloured mailing bags

        Kraft Mailing Bags

        Coloured mailing and courier pouches offer the same benefits as economy mailing bags, delivering a cost-effective solution to your packaging needs. However, in addition to meeting eco-friendly demands and offering a practical solution available in multiple sizes and quantities, the coloured mailing bags also become a good branding tool. Rocaba Packaging's coloured plastic mailing bags are available in pink, white, red, and blue, amongst other colours. This allows you to pick a low-cost packing material that feeds into the brand colours to create a professional image and build excitement before clients open their deliveries. From packaging small electronics to clothing, the protected bags remove the threat of damage in transit while also keeping the shipping weights (and costs) down.

        Kraft mailing bags offer a plastic-free alternative to plastic mailing bags, cementing their place at the top table of eco-friendly solutions. They incorporate tear strips that keep the products secure during transit yet easy to open for the recipients. The opaque material is particularly robust while you can fit more into them than many alternative options.

        The use of Kraft mailing bags is equally practical for product preparation. Biros, markers, stamps, labels and document pouches can all be used in conjunction with the mailing supplies. For optimal branding opportunities, bespoke wholesale mailing bags can be printed to incorporate your logo or distinct imagery. The 100% recyclable packaging materials are available in a wide range of sizes, satisfying the needs of businesses across multiple sectors and industries. Wholesale Mailing Bags You Can Trust

        At Rocaba Packaging, we use only the best grade mailing bag materials, ensuring that you receive packaging supplies that will protect items and your brand image time and time again. Moreover, our professional and affordable products are supported by a reliable and transparent service. To find out more, call 020-3002-9960 or check out our catalogue of wholesale mailing bags, including custom mailing bags.

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