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        Explore our range of envelopes, including Brown Board, Documents Enclosed and Bubble envelopes. Our high-quality products are designed to protect and organise your mail efficiently. Whether you need envelopes for personal or business use, we have you covered.

        Envelopes are essential tools for mailing and organising documents, providing numerous benefits for individuals and businesses alike. Let's delve into the benefits of each type:

        Our board envelopes come in convenient A4 and A5 dimensions, providing ample space for various document sizes. These envelopes feature a sturdy cardboard backing and a strong Kraft paper front, ensuring durability and protecting your important documents from folding or creasing during transit. The combination of these materials guarantees that your items arrive in pristine condition, maintaining a professional appearance.

        Furthermore, our board envelopes are lightweight, helping to minimise postal costs. They are designed to meet mailing weight restrictions, allowing you to send your documents or items efficiently without incurring unnecessary expenses. Additionally, our envelopes prominently display the message "Please Do Not Bend" in red, ensuring that postal workers carefully handle your envelopes.

        Our bubble envelopes, available in various dimensions (width x length in cm), are specifically designed to provide excellent protection for fragile goods during transit. These envelopes feature a thick lining of bubble wrap, acting as a cushioning layer to absorb shocks and impacts. Your delicate items, such as jewellery, electronics, or small trinkets, will remain safe and secure throughout shipping.

        The envelope closure of our bubble envelopes includes a convenient peel-off strip that reveals a sticky surface. This allows for easy sealing of the envelope, ensuring that your contents are securely enclosed. Moreover, our bubble envelopes are 100% recyclable, making them an eco-friendly packaging solution.

        Document Enclosed Envelopes:

        These envelopes are available in plain or printed and offer convenience and professionalism in shipping documents. With these envelopes, there's no need for separate address labels as your documents remain visible through the transparent front panel. This saves time and eliminates the risk of misplacing or mismatching labels.

        In addition to convenience, our Document Enclosed Envelopes provide security and professionalism. By enclosing shipping documents within the parcel, they arrive at the destination intact and easily accessible for recipients. Furthermore, our labels are oil, water, and tear-resistant, ensuring that your documents remain legible and protected even in challenging shipping conditions.
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